How To Hold The Guitar

 SITTING & HOLDING THE GUITARHolding the guitar correctly first and indispensable step in playing the guitar easily and without pain. Many guitar students never realize that pain from guitar playing, or repetitive strain injury, begins with how they hold the

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the light finger

Discover The Light Finger

How Do Fingers Work On Guitar?A guitar player uses their fingers on the strings the same way a runner uses their legs. How is that done?We shift our weight to one leg.We relax the other leg and extend it forward.We

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the heavy arm on guitar

Walking Across Strings With The Heavy Arm

Walking Across The Strings With The Heavy Arm I hope you enjoyed learning about   1The Light Finger 2The Firm Finger 3The Floating Arm 4The Heavy Arm 5All Aboard 6Walking Across The Strings With Heavy Arm Putting It All Together: The

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