How To Hold The Guitar

 SITTING & HOLDING THE GUITARHolding the guitar correctly first and indispensable step in playing the guitar easily and without pain. Many guitar students never realize that pain from guitar playing, or repetitive strain injury, begins with how they hold the

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the light finger

Discover The Light Finger

How Do Fingers Work On Guitar?A guitar player uses their fingers on the strings the same way a runner uses their legs. How is that done?We shift our weight to one leg.We relax the other leg and extend it forward.We

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guitar left hand bad habits

Guitar Left Hand: The 2 Bad Habits Everyone Gets

GUITAR LEFT HAND: THE 2 BAD HABITS YOU MUST AVOID Every guitar player gets these bad habits right at the start. Learn what they are, how to avoid them, and how to get rid of them.... The Problem In Action:

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pull offs on guitar ultimate guide

Pull Offs On Guitar: The Ultimate Guide

Pull Offs Demonstrated After you read about "Pull Offs On Guitar" you can see these concepts applied to playing "Over The Hills and Far Away".  The Situation With Pull Offs On Guitar Pull offs on guitar are always a problem,

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The Tight Curl

Guitar Bad Habit #3: Pinky Curl Fix with “Tight Curl”

Can You Curl Your Pinky - All The Way?A guitar player needs to be able to curl the left hand pinky completely. If you can't you will have lots of playing problems. Here is the fix

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how to touch a guitar string

Right Hand On Guitar: How To Touch The String

Play from the string This is one of the secrets of the masters of guitar. The best way for the right hand on guitar to touch the string, whether with a pick or a finger, is to "play from the

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why first fret is bad

Don’t Start Guitar At The First Fret!

Don't Begin Guitar At The First Fret!! If you began to learn guitar by learning notes or chords at the first fret, you most likely have left hand form and tension problems........unless you are a professional who has overcome the

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the most essential rock lick

GUITAR PRINCIPLES | The Most Essential Rock Lick

Want To Play Rock Guitar? You must knowThe Most Essential Rock Lick!The "7 Essential Licks" ​from the Guitar Principles "Rock & Blues Electric Foundation Course"In my first 25 years of teaching rock guitar, I isolated the key moves from the

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the slap strum on guitar


The Slap StrumWhat is The Slap Strum?​Here is a little technique that pays big dividends in making your strumming more rhythmic, compelling, and interesting. It probably goes by a lot of names, but I have always called it the "slap

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strengthen that bar

GUITAR PRINCIPLES | Strengthen That Bar

Strengthen That Bar Note: Before worrying about strengthening your bar, make sure you can do bars correctly and easily. For that, our "Bar Chord Mastery" course is highly recommended (there's nothing like it!). Even long time players often suffer from an undeveloped,

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