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Get the Essential Left Hand Developments That EVERY Guitar Player Needs!

  • Full Curvature in each finger joint
  • Full Separation between each finger
  • Ability to cross strings easily
  • Instant change between Light & Firm Finger
  • NO Finger Rise
  • NO Finger Squeeze

Guitar Principles training for the left hand is unlike anything you have seen. Conventional methods give you a haphazard left hand development which leaves you with many bad habits and a lot of tension in the fingers, arm, and shoulder. This tension will make everything you do on guitar difficult or impossible. How do they give you bad habits?

Avoid These Bad Habits That All Other Guitar Methods Will Give You!

Locked In Upper Body Tension: Virtually all guitar methods start you at the first fret, all the way down the neck. This is the hardest place to play, because the arm is extended away from the body. This makes staying relaxed while training the fingers impossible for a beginner. Practicing here in the beginning will build great tension into your fingers.

Finger Squeeze: Your fingers will develop the very bad habit of squeezing against one another as you play. This is like walking with your legs tied together!

Finger Rise: Your fingers will develop the very bad habit of rising high in the air after playing. This happens to every student as they learn scales, unless certain training methods are used. You will find them in "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar".

G major scale

You can't play scales smoothly unless your fingers have the Essential Left Hand Developments

Once your fingers have these essential developments, you will easily play scales, which is something every guitar player needs to do! Watch this video to see how one student learned to play scales easily after getting  "The Principles" foundation training into his fingers......

Monish is learning guitar as an adult. Watch how easily his fingers play........

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You won't believe how good you'll get on guitar when you have the right methods!

If you want to be a REAL guitar player, you need the ONLY method that trains your fingers for working easily on guitar! All other methods just "give you stuff to try to play"....they DON'T show you how to get your fingers to do it.

Folks, it’s absolutely true that Jamie is the only instructor who teaches the physical ability to play guitar. Except for those teachers who are wise enough to use Jamie’s method, I suppose

David Pike

I want YOU to get the complete training EVERY guitar player needs to succeed!

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