Everything You MUST Know About Learning Guitar

How Good Are YOU At Practicing Guitar?

The TRUTH About Learning Guitar

You have lots of music you can't play, and lots of guitars you can't play it on. 

Now it's time to learn HOW to play guitar, now it's time to learn

the TRUTH about learning guitar. 

When you absorb the knowledge in the articles below, you will never look at learning the guitar the same way!

How To Practice Guitar

Practicing guitar is a science. When you know it, you get noticeably better every time. 

Most people just sit down and "try to play the music". Stop doing that!

Guitar Habits 3: Correct Right Hand Form On Guitar
What You Must Do To Practice Guitar Effectively
The 3 Levels of Guitar Practice
Whole Body Awareness For Maximum Guitar Improvement
Quality Control In Guitar Practice
Sympathetic Tension Destroys Finger Control On Guitar
Guitar Habits 2: Correct Left Hand Form On Guitar
What You Must Know To Practice Guitar Effectively
Deliberate Practice On Guitar
How To Learn Rock Guitar Songs and Solos

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Secrets Of Guitar Technique

You have to know exactly HOW things should be done before you can train your fingers to do the right thing! Read these articles and learn things you never heard before!

Guitar Bad Habit #3: Pinky Curl Fix with “Tight Curl”
Discover The Light Finger
Right Hand On Guitar: How To Touch The String
Sitting & Holding The Guitar
Don’t Start Guitar At The First Fret!

The Informed Guitarist

It takes years, decades even, to learn the ins and outs of becoming a good or great guitar player. You can shorten that time by reading these articles!

Is Guitar Easy To Learn Or Do I Need Natural Talent?
Pulling Up The Slack
The Most Powerful Guitar Practice Tool
How Long To Learn Each Style Of Guitar?
The 4 Levels To Guitar Success
Why You Struggle To Learn Guitar
The 2 Kinds Of Guitar Growth You MUST Have On Guitar
Where Do I Start On Guitar? The 2 Essential Aspects
RSI Guitar Exercises: The Best Treatment
How To Make A Guitar Practice Schedule – The 4 Vital Areas

About The principles

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Are The Principles For You?
How “The Principles of Correct Practice” Is Different From Anything You’ve Seen