Teach Your Fingers To Walk..
.....before you try to make them run!

You Have To Walk Before You Can Run!

Guitar fingers must be able to run on the strings, and before they can run, they must learn to walk. Can your fingers run on the guitar, can they even walk with real control and steadiness? If you take the test in the video below, you may be surprised to find that your fingers have some trouble doing some very basic things! 

Can Your Fingers Do This On Guitar?

 Here is what it means to "know how to walk" on guitar. If your fingers can’t do the “simple” things I show you here, you will have trouble with everything you play (most guitar students can’t do these things, and many long time players can’t either).

How did that go? If you're like most players, you see some room for improvement!

Let's start the process of transforming your left hand to the professional level. That process begins with learning about the Light Finger......

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