How To Hold The Guitar
...For Effective Practice

Holding the guitar correctly is the first and indispensable step in playing the guitar easily and without pain. Here is how to hold the guitar in the best way for maximum practice results

Many guitar students never realize that pain from guitar playing, or repetitive strain injury, begins with how they hold the guitar. Holding the guitar correctly is the first step in getting rid of guitar pain from repetitive strain injury.

It is not possible to develop the delicate muscles of the fingers unless we are holding the guitar in a balanced way. This video will give you the information you need to make sure you are holding the guitar correctly.

"A teacher who impressed me immensely, and who takes a very different approach, was Jamie Andreas. Jamie is one of the few teachers who seems interested in the relationship between muscle and brain, and how to use one’s body efficiently. Swim coaches and golf teachers consider such questions all the time, but it’s decidedly rare in the field of music instruction.

Jamie Andreas Interviewed in Guitar Zero

In 2012 Jamie Andreas was interviewed by Dr. Gary Marcus for his upcoming book on the science of how people learn guitar. Also interviewed were jazz legend Pat Martino and Tom Morello from "Rage Against The Machine".

guitar zero magazine with jamie andreas


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