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Learning bar chords has never been broken down to this level of detail before!

21 powerful exercises will develop your hand for easy playing of all bar chord types.  

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Course highlights include:

  • Special exercises to gain the ability to bar on guitar
  • training the fingers to be relaxed during the bar
  • “Secrets” that make barring easier
  • What to avoid when practicing bars
  • How to change positions with bar chords
  • Precise use of all joints for maximum control and relaxation when barring.
  • Mastering the 6th and 5th Root Major Chords
  • How to modify the basic bar chord to obtain dozens of other chords
  • Secrets of the 4 string bar and its chords
  • Secrets of the 3 string bar and its chords
  • How to do the 3rd finger bar and its chords

Learn these secrets of bar chords that take even pros years to discover!

It's time you discovered how good you could really be on guitar!

No matter what style you play, bar chords will be easier when you learn these secrets!