Every guitar player gets these bad habits right at the start. Learn what they are, how to avoid them, and how to get rid of them....

The 4 Diseases Of The Left Hand On Guitar

They will ruin your left hand technique on guitar!

* Finger Squeeze

* Finger Rise

* Finger Shock

* Finger Grab

These diseases are contracted at the beginning of your guitar playing life. Through the power of muscle memory they took root, and you never knew it, you just suffered the effects.  

These diseases make everything difficult to play, and prevent you from getting better on guitar. 

The 4 Diseases Of The Left Hand


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There is a guitar training method that prevents these diseases from taking root in beginner fingers. 

It also gets rid of these diseases in fingers that have played for awhile.

"The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar"
The ONLY guitar method that prevents and cures the
4 Diseases Of The Left Hand

"I look around at the state of instruction for guitar, and I only find one person out of all guitar educators, who bases instruction on the science and biomechanics.....Jamie Andreas, of course.

 I just don't understand how out of 7 billion of us, only one has recognized the need to understand how our bodies and brains work, and how to apply that to playing and teaching guitar.".....David Pike, lifelong guitar player. 

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