the light finger

Discover The Light Finger

How Do Fingers Work On Guitar?A guitar player uses their fingers on the strings the same way a runner uses their legs. How is that done?We shift our weight to one leg.We relax the other leg and extend it forward.We

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guitar left hand bad habits

Guitar Left Hand: The 2 Bad Habits Everyone Gets

GUITAR LEFT HAND: THE 2 BAD HABITS YOU MUST AVOID Every guitar player gets these bad habits right at the start. Learn what they are, how to avoid them, and how to get rid of them.... The Problem In Action:

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The Tight Curl

Guitar Bad Habit #3: Pinky Curl Fix with “Tight Curl”

Can You Curl Your Pinky - All The Way?A guitar player needs to be able to curl the left hand pinky completely. If you can't you will have lots of playing problems. Here is the fix

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why first fret is bad

Don’t Start Guitar At The First Fret!

Don't Begin Guitar At The First Fret!! If you began to learn guitar by learning notes or chords at the first fret, you most likely have left hand form and tension problems........unless you are a professional who has overcome the

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Continue Your Left Hand Training On Guitar

Continue On The Path To Guitar Success! Get the Essential Left Hand Developments That EVERY Guitar Player Needs! Full Curvature in each finger joint Full Separation between each finger Ability to cross strings easily Instant change between Light & Firm

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Separating Fingers 2 & 3 On The Left Hand On Guitar

A very common technical issue for all guitar students is the problem of separating fingers 2 & 3. Every time the 2nd finger is used, the 3rd finger squeezes against it! This will cause problems with just about everything you

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