My Classroom At TrueFire!

When you sign up for my guitar classroom at, you can send me videos of your practice efforts on a daily or semi-daily basis. This prevents you from practicing wrong!

You will quickly master the Foundation Training from "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar", without which there is no hope of real progress on the guitar.

Let's Do YOUR Music!

One thing I really enjoy about working with my students on the truefire platform is working with them on music they have been trying to play and struggling with, often for years!

I'll Be Your 24/7 Personal Trainer On Guitar!

watch the vid, see how it works...

With the video back and forth being so effective, I am able to  surgically pinpoint and remove every playing problem that comes up.

When you join my Truefire classroom, I am able to transfer the vast body of knowledge that is "The Principles System For Guitar" quickly and show you how to use these powerful practice methods to master the music you love!


What My Students Are Saying

About My Truefire Classroom



I've been in Jamie's classroom for about 9 months. The experience has been enlightening to say the least.

Reading Jamie's books and watching videos is one thing, but to get that interactivity from her own eyes is a completely different experience. All you have to do is have a passion for learning how to play the instrument, and Jamie will do the rest. 

At this point, I can honestly say my playing has never sounded better, yet there is sooooo much more to learn with Jamie's guidance. I highly highly recommend Jamie from beginner to advanced. Oh yes, and the price here is a steal.

william-rustrum guitarist

William Rustrum, professional player and teacher


It's All About The Fundamental Skills! 

Playing the guitar is a physical skill but no instructor except Jamie has ever shown me the fundamental physical skills necessary to play. Finally, after a lot of time and money misspent on teachers that didn't understand why I couldn't learn from just watching them play, 

I've found a teacher who really understands the necessary skills and can communicate them! Every time I get stuck, she shows me what's stopping me and how to fix it. Absolutely brilliant!

Eric - older guitar player

Eric Mosley retired pilot

 Fourteen months ago I joined Jamie's Truefire Classroom. At that time, all I knew was a few basic chords and strums.  

Now, I play chromatic and major scales in 16th notes using a metronome set at 60, bar chords using a variety of strategies with no crippling tension, several different strums and picking patterns to accompany my songs, bass runs to add variety to my rhythm playing.

I have developed many right hand skills for fingerstyle accompaniment and for playing beautiful melodies and classical repertoire. I could add more to this list.

Most importantly, Jamie has taught me
how to practice so I get results from every session without any frustration. I am excited about learning the guitar! Can't wait to see what develops during Year 2 of my lessons. Thanks, Jamie. Teaching is your gift!

Kathy B., retired educator

Play Like A Professional!

Guitar students have no idea what it takes to play like a pro. Fortunately, I do, and so I require my students to do what the pros do to play the guitar so well and so easily. One very important thing is the constant REALITY BASED evaluation of their skills, which is a necessary pre-requisite for improving those skills. This means constantly recording yourself and evaluating your playing. 

In my Online Classroom, we are uniquely set up for that, because students can easily video their practice efforts right from the browser, submit it to me, and I can just as easily send them back a personalized video response, telling and showing them exactly what to do to solve their problems, and exactly how to do it.

This is awesomely powerful, because of the fundamental (scientific) principle of "motor control learning"....receiving feedback and correction on efforts is ESSENTIAL to improvement. You can't change what you don't know is wrong, and if you are not getting better on guitar, you are practicing wrong!

In my classroom, you have access to my most powerful methods for building real guitar playing ability, and you have my personal attention on a daily basis - you will not believe the progress you will make on a weekly basis!

Get one-on-one instruction...
...Study with me personally on this internet teaching platform and have these 2 Key Benefits:

  • Daily video feedback directly from Jamie! No more practicing wrong, not knowing it, and wasting time.
  • Access to the essential teaching materials of “The Principles System For Guitar”, including the Foundation Training from “The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar”. You also have access to the powerful Guitar Principles Training in Fingerstyle, Rock, Jazz and Blues.