Jamie Andreas with "The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"

You Can Make A Major Leap Forward In Your Guitar Playing!


"The Principles of Correct Practice For Guitar"

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"The Principles" will give you these essentials of great guitar playing...

Left Hand Development

Step by step exercises that develop the fingers for full strength, stretch, and control. 

You'll play faster and more accurately than ever  before!

Right Hand Development

Special methods and exercises for mastering pickstyle & fingerstyle. 

Learn to use the power of your whole arm!


Practice Strategies For Maximum Results 

Powerful methods you will use to master any music you want to learn 

You'll learn to use the metronome to train your fingers for relaxed control. 

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"The Principles" will transform your guitar playing 


your guitar practice!

Watch this short video and meet Stacy and Tracy. 

They both start to play soccer, but they take very different paths. One does deliberate practice, the other does not. One gets very good, the other does not. 

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Video: Deliberate Practice

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Video 2

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Video 3

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Video 4

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Read the scientific report on 
Deliberate Practice

In 1994 a major scientific study on how deliberate (or correct) practice makes expert performers in any field. It is called "Expert Performance: Its' Structure & Applications".

Click the link below to get a copy. It will help you realize the truth of what I always say - "Anyone can learn to play guitar well, IF they learn how to practice correctly". 

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    Learn the practice habits of expert performers in all fields of sports and musical performance. 
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    Learn the scientific truths that prove that talent is over-rated! It is the quality of training and practice that always makes the real difference!
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    How it has been scientifically proven that you can achieve a high level of skill in anything IF you know what the expert performers are really doing.