Webcam lessons with Jamie are 40 minutes each. She will address your specific needs to reach your next level of playing ability and all lessons are tailored to your goals as a guitarist. You will be overall evaluated, and given instructions on what you need to do next to overcome the greatest technical obstacles that you presently have.

There is no frequency requirement, but the more you see Jamie, the faster you will improve! Some students take a lesson each week, some every other week. If you want to get a feel of a lesson with Jamie, schedule a single lesson and then decide how it will work for you.

Schedule: Mon.-Thurs. & Sat. all time zones.


What My Students Are Saying?


I feel fortunate to have discovered a way to take lessons with Jamie even though I am thousands of miles away in Maine. Webcam lessons have provided me that opportunity. It is as good as being in the same room!

I have never been made so aware of exactly where my fingers are supposed to be and where the tension is that I need to eliminate. I look forward to each lesson…"

Jane Perry Maine


It never ceases to amaze me at how profound and exhilarating a webcam lesson with Jamie can be. She really gets to the root of your difficulties and shows you exactly how to get through them. I always come away from her lessons with a whole new sense of direction and purpose. One lesson with her is worth more than 10 lessons anywhere else."

Christian Russo Florida

Jamie Says..

Even though I have had requests for webcam lessons for many years, I was always reluctant to do them. I really did have doubts as to the effectiveness of them, and also wondered whether I would enjoy working with a student that way.

Well, I am glad I always make a habit of testing my assumptions! After having given hundreds of webcam lessons with a variety of students, I have been very pleasantly surprised, even amazed, at how effective they are. I have found that my ability to spot the problems with a student’s technique, to analyze the problem, and to prescribe the cure is virtually unhindered by the long distance aspect of the lessons. I guess I have been doing this a long time!

It has been extremely gratifying for me to be able to work with people who would otherwise not be able to deal with the logistics of traveling for lessons. I am now convinced of the great benefit to the student, and so I feel I can get behind the idea of webcam instruction with me without reservations.

In addition to diagnosing student problems, I find there is a great benefit by the simple fact of contact with the student. I am able to observe their practice, and find the flaws in their understanding of correct practice. It can save the student years of frustration.

Also, I can lay out the proper next step tailored to your situation for the achievement of your goals. I can then help you craft a practice schedule and strategy that really brings results, replacing the usual haphazard, lopsided, or disorganized approach many use. I look forward to meeting many more students in webcam lessons.”

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